How to Finance the Construction of a New Home?

How to Finance the Construction of a New Home? Why try to buy your dream home when you can build it yourself with the help of an Experienced Home Builder, Quality Architect, and Knowledgeable Mortgage Broker? Building your own home is possible with residential construction financing, however there is much to understand before you jump […]


How Does a Self-Employed Person Get a Mortgage?

Obtaining a Mortgage for the Self-Employed Entrepreneurs and the self-employed are the backbone of the Canadian economy. For that reason, it is crucial that when obtaining a mortgage, self-employed people understand what their financing options are and what the process will look like. Self-employed individuals need to focus most of their time on their work […]


Video: What is a Mortgage Broker?

What is a Mortgage Broker? and How does a Mortgage Broker add value. When looking for a mortgage broker, you should look for someone who knows the area well, or even a current resident. You want an experienced professional who has experience investing in real estate and knows the ins and outs of the purchasing […]


Video: How to Save for a New Home?

Mortgage Expert, Gerard Buckley with John Eaton on Talk of the Town on The Peak FM 95.1 Answers the question: How to Save for a New Home? Building a Budget for New Home Ownership How to save for a Home? This is a question many young couples and in this day and age many young […]


Will Interest Rates Go Up in 2018?

2018 New Year Economic Thoughts That is the ten-thousand-dollar question on every one’s mind, will interest rates go up in 2018? And if so, by how much? And when? On Friday past, I had a unique opportunity to attend The Economic Club of Canada’s Annual Economic Outlook for 2018 where Canada’s top Chief Economists laid […]


Mortgage Refinancing: Getting Financially Healthy for the New Year

Mortgage Refinancing for your Future: Getting Financially Healthy for the New Year With the new year approaching we often take stock of the past year and look forward to a fresh new year. For many people that involves some new year’s resolutions that often include: exercise more, eat less, quit smoking and for some of […]


Seminar: Complementary Seminars for People 55 and Over on Reverse Mortgages in November

During the Month of November Gerard Buckley will be conducting complementary seminars for qualified individuals and couples in Collingwood and surrounding area in Southern Georgian Bay. The seminars are currently scheduled for November 16 and 30. Please call our Office Manager at 705-532-1182 or 866-496-4028 to book the seminar most convenient for you.. Listen Here […]


Reverse Mortgage: Unlocking the Mystery

As retirees and seniors approach a new stage in their lives, they are faced with a common question: How do I facilitate a comfortable and financially independent retirement? In developing a financial plan, senior homeowners can leverage the equity in their home to help finance their retirement and unlock their wealth. Today 51% of seniors […]


Can and Why Should Mortgage Brokers Add Value for Real Estate Agents

The real estate market is a continuously evolving industry, with changes in housing economics and real estate regulation becoming more common than ever. As these change, so does the mortgage broker – real estate agent relationship. It is important for real estate agents to understand how mortgage brokers can add value for their business as […]


Building a Budget for New Home Ownersip

So, you’ve decided it is time to purchase a new home. Whether this is your first home, last home, or somewhere in between, there are many financial issues that must be considered. Budgeting at every stage in the home-buying process will ensure financial security and peace of mind. Planning a budget before searching for a […]