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In preparation for your home purchase in Creemore, you’re probably wondering about home prices and mortgage rates. Look no further, as Mortgage-Wellness Collingwood can give you the best and most appropriate rates based on market conditions and your specific situation.

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Gerard Buckley, having been in the banking and finance industry for over 40 years, can connect you with a variety of specialized lenders and cater to your specific needs. His experience and expertise to provide you with access to various lenders, from schedule I banks to select private lenders, Gerard will help you obtain the perfect mortgage rate. Whether you are a senior, new Canadian, first-time homebuyer, investor, or any other kind of borrower, our array of lenders will allow you to access the customized financing rates that best suit your needs.

As the real estate market continues to grow and boom it is becoming more complex due to imposed regulations by the federal government. These regulations can have significant impacts on interest rates, and ultimately your ability to acquire affordable financing and mortgages. Hence why it is so important to have a mortgage broker who understands and is aware of all new regulations and rules implemented by the government. Luckily Gerard is aware and knowledgeable on all these regulations and is willing to help you and your family.

The Regulatory Environment

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In the fall of 2016, a new regulation was brought forward by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which is involved in insuring mortgages in the case that a borrower defaults. The regulation requires a stress-testing all new insured mortgages to determine if the borrower can weather a sudden increase in interest rates. This new regulation can aid individuals who pass the test to lower their rate but can also make it much more difficult for people with lower credit to pass the test. Recently, there has also been a push for lenders to share the cost in the event of a default, which poses a significant risk to interest rates and may cause them to rise even more.

Due to the fact that regulations are constantly being changed by the government, it is important to have a mortgage broker who is aware and up to date with all the new rules and laws. Gerard Buckley is committed to finding an appropriate mortgage for you and understands all of the changes occurring within the mortgage regulatory environment.

At Mortgage Wellness- Creemore, Gerard is committed to finding the most suitable interest rate for you. With over 35 years of experience in the financial sector and in investment banking, his expertise are premised on advising Fortune 500 companies on their interest rate risk and currency exposure. As a result, working with Gerard promises you an experienced and dedicated mortgage broker.

Interest Rate Complexity

When purchasing a home in Creemore, you will be attentive to mortgage and interest rates. Interest rates may seem simple at first, however, they are much more complex than you think with numerous factors out of your control. Variable-rate and insured mortgages will often have lower rates than fixed-rate and uninsured mortgages, depending on your choices. Variable rate mortgages put more of the risk on the borrower, so naturally it would have lower rates.

Beyond the traditional guidelines, there are numerous contributing factors to interest rates out of your control. Interest rates are mostly affected by market conditions, economic conditions, and the actions of the Bank of Canada. All of these forces make it very difficult to keep track of rates and to understand when it is a good time to acquire a mortgage. Gerard Buckley will help you navigate this regulatory and economic maze with his decades of experience working with interest rates.

Making a Difference to The Communities We Work and Live

RCAC LOGO - Best Mortgage Rates Wasaga Beach - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyIn his spare time, after helping his clients with their financial goals, Gerard is attending to his local community.  Mortgage Wellness – Creemore and The Buckley MacDonald Youth Fund actively support many different organizations including Theatre Collingwood’s Youth Drama Camps, The Blue Mountain Village Foundation, as well as The Army Cadet League of Canada. Gerard donates 10% of all sales to these causes, which has resulted in his achievment of The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

Financial Market Expertise

Without the right help by your side, finding the perfect mortgage rate in Creemore can be quite difficult. Fortunately for you, Gerard is an expert in this field. Gerard has spent much of his career advising Fortune 500 companies on their interest rate exposure and is well equipped to help your family handle its finances and acquire the best mortgage rate. In addition to his financial experience, Gerard has spent the last 15 years investing in the real estate market and knows the mortgage acquiring process like the back of his hand.

Gerard Buckley – Licensed Mortgage Agent with over 40 years of banking and finance experience @jaguarmortgages and would be pleased to assist you consider your Real Estate Financing alternatives.You can be assured that Gerard will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.

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