Our Lenders

Mortgage Wellness has relationships with over 80 lenders. In today’s complex lending environment with ever changing mortgage rules, mortgage brokers need access to multiple lenders to ensure we can deliver to you the Mortgage Alternatives and service you deserve.

Our customers are not created equal and we don’t intend to push you into a single bank or lender’s mortgage product. We maintain relationships with multiple lenders so we may provide you and your family a customized solution to you and your family’s financial needs.

Beside dealing with the major banks we have access to many smaller banks, trust companies, mortgage financing companies, mortgage Investment corporations, specialty lenders and select private lenders. Many of our lenders cater to the average borrower seeking the best deal and the most frequently requested product features, while other lenders specialize in the harder-to-place transactions such as mortgages for self-employed borrowers, families who have experienced credit issues due to unexpected life events, new Canadians, investors, and seniors looking to withdraw equity from their home as a means of securing their retirement and future.

At Mortgage Wellness, we connect you to the lender that suits your specific needs best.



We at Mortgage Wellness stand on our reputation of Experience, Integrity and Trust. We understand that mortgage rates can be an emotional subject. There are many rate sites in the market place that advertise the best rate without providing the borrowing conditions that may follow. Displaying mortgage rates without understanding your family financial needs can be very confusing and misleading.

Most broker and bank rate sights will list their lowest mortgage rates with very defined and specific qualifications that are not representative of the everyday borrower. Unless you have these qualifications, that haven’t been listed, these rates may be meaningless and lead to significant disappointment and more importantly time wasted as you navigate obtaining a pre-approval for your home purchase.

The following are a good set of questions that you will be asked to help us understand how we can obtain the best mortgage rate for your family:

  • Credit score of applicants and credit history?
  • Down payment or equity in your home?
  • Purpose of your mortgage financing?
  • Are you employed with a company or self-employed? Giving details of your income?
  • Where is the location of the property?
  • What prepayment privileges, features and future flexibility do you require?
  • What is the purchase price of your home and how much would you like to borrow?
  • When will the mortgage and/or home purchase be closing?
  • How long is the term of mortgage?
  • Would you prefer a fixed term or variable rate?When it comes to buying a home, it’s in the purchaser’s best interest to consider all aspects of a mortgage – and not just the rate. We at Mortgage Wellness Office do not want you to regret taking on a mortgage that leaves you feeling helpless.
  • You and your family need the services that Mortgage Wellness  provide which give you in-depth advice about long and short-term mortgage options that best suit your family’s financial goals. This is the service you can learn to expect from Mortgage Wellness.
  • With this introductory information, an experienced mortgage broker can often quote you a rate, or range of rates that may be available to you, subject to satisfactory confirmation of the above and other information as required.

You can be assured that Gerard will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.


These are some of the over 80 Lenders that we have access to.