Get to know Gerard Buckley – Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood as your Mortgage Agent with deep Banker Experience Helping Families and Investors Realize their Financial and Real Estate Dreams.


 Getting a Mortgage and Financing your family dream is a serious business. With the constant changing of rules by government and financial regulators, you need a mortgage advisor who has deep financial knowledge and understanding of the complex rules that you face while buying your family home. At Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood Office, Gerard Buckley has over 40 years of Bank and Financing experience

When you choose Gerard, you choose a financial advisor who is a professional that has spent many years in the banking industry. With Gerard, you do not have to choose between a Banker or a Broker because you get both.

With so many Canadians applying for a mortgage and navigating complex financial issues, you need an advisor that stands with you in your corner for the transaction. You will be faced with issues such as dealing with lawyers, creditor insurance, title insurance, the term of the mortgage you should choose and more importantly are there hidden costs of a low rate mortgage.

Real Estate Investment Experience

He has a long history of experience in real estate purchases and investment alike, stock and bond market investment and investing in Canada’s emerging tech companies. He has been an Advisor for Small Business to the Ontario Securities Commission and been educated on condominium real estate by the Canadian Condominium Institute.

When you trust Gerard with the financing of your mortgage you are trusting a person with financial experience, an understanding of the pressure of raising a family and many years of knowledge gained as a lifecycle and value investor who understands investment both from a tax perspective and building a nest egg to educate your children or grandchildren and provide for your family in retirement.

Gerard has spent over twenty-five years of his career studying interest rate, currency and economic trends and he can assure you he understands how economic growth, changes in government policy and changes in interest rates will affect your family’s financial decisions.

You can be assured that Gerard will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.

First Time Home Buyers

With 82% of Millennials buying a home in the next five years you need a Mortgage Advisor that understands you and your requirements in your new home purchase. Your family’s financial planning is much about the mortgage advice and the service you will receive from Gerard. He empathizes with you as you make the most important financial decision of your life to date. You will benefit from Gerard’s many years of raising a family and owning real estate.

A mortgage is undoubtedly the biggest financial product most people will encounter in their lifetime. Yet surprisingly, many people do not put a similar effort into searching out the right mortgage, which in turn presents risks and opportunities for you or your family. We at Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood Office understand this and help you navigate this decision.

Real Estate Investment Property

Real Estate Investment is the new normal for first time buyers who purchased in the past two years where 1 in 5 buyers either rent or plan to rent a portion of their property. With 34% of recent First Time Buyers thinking it is important to generate income from their property and 13% of those people renovated their home to add space for a rental unit. You require a Mortgage Agent that has experience in purchasing real estate for investment. Gerard has bought and sold real estate for investment for over 15 years. He understands many of the choices that investors in real estate will face.

While office towers may be beyond reach, there are plenty of smaller commercial properties a mid-level investor can afford, including those with tenants or in the suburbs. You may also want to consider partnering with a fellow investor and going halves, or build a small consortium to acquire something larger.

Whether you want to generate regular rental income or invest in a longer-term real estate opportunity, we can help you purchase a residential investment property with one of our unique real estate investment lenders.

Commercial Property

Gerard has built a financial career having spent over 25 years on Bay Street as an advisor to major corporations. He understands the sophistication required to finance commercial properties and developers of residential real estate. Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood Office has access to customized and creative solutions to help bring projects through to a successful completion.

A commercial mortgage is designed for businesses and investors who wish to purchase or refinance income producing, commercial properties. With competitive interest rates and a national network of Mortgage Lenders. Mortgage Wellness-Collingwood Office is committed to finding solutions to meet your needs.

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