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From picturesque vineyards and orchards, to the fairytale countryside and forested trails, you can expect to find absolute bliss in the Town of Collingwood. Finding a trusted mortgage broker in Collingwood can be much more difficult.

Experience – Trust – Integrity

Mortgage Broker Collingwood - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyGerard Buckley at Mortgage Wellness is the answer. With over 40 years of experience in banking and finance, Gerard will enable you to enjoy everything Collingwood has to offer, without enduring the headaches of financial and mortgage planning.

Beyond Collingwood’s beautiful landscape, the town boasts 4-season outdoor adventure. Skiing, hiking, kayaking, and cycling are among the many activities easily available to prospective homeowners. Located on the shores of Georgian Bay, the town also attracts those who enjoy the peace and tranquility of waterside views. If art and culture is more your style, Collingwood’s famous Art on the Street gallery is sure to spark your interest. From Victoria Day to Thanksgiving weekend, you can experience an outdoor gallery of contemporary and traditional artworks in the form of banners, murals and hand-painted chairs.

As if art festivals and spectacular views weren’t enough, Collingwood’s culinary community is booming with a variety of restaurants, markets, and three craft breweries. With a focus on healthy and farm fresh cuisine, the Collingwood community enjoys an active Farmer’s market annually every Saturday Morning, showcasing local vendors and Collingwood-sourced produce.

Real Estate Industry Expertise

Real Estate - Mortgage Broker Collingwood - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyWith an abundance of real estate investing articles and reports sighting news sources, it can be difficult to find the reliable and accurate information needed to make a sound purchase decision. Gerard Buckley-Collingwood’s top mortgage broker, seeks to help you navigate this process by providing sound expertise and guidance in securing your mortgage. For example, many prospective buyers would be surprised to know that the average home in Collingwood sold last year for $440,176. Although real estate prices are on the rise, there is still ample opportunity to purchase a home in Collingwood. However, due to the attraction of the area, sales are increasing while the number of listings continues to decrease. As a result, any listing will only last approximately 41 days before it is purchased. People considering purchasing real estate in Collingwood should be ready to move quickly as there are many real estate opportunities before us. With that said, every prospective buyer should conduct the proper due diligence with regards to finding the most appropriate mortgage.

Sales growth in the Collingwood area far surpasses sales growth in Toronto and Ontario as a whole. Growth in home prices in Toronto and Ontario were 30% and 25% respectively, while Collingwood had an impressive growth of 33%. Collingwood is exhibiting sustained growth ahead of Toronto and Ontario, while consistently attracting new residents.

Collingwood a Top Place to Live in Canada

Collingwood - Mortgage Broker Collingwood - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyCollingwood continues to attract people searching for paradise, as the population continues to grow. From 2011-2016 the population has grown by 13.3%, while still maintaining the small town peaceful feel with around 22,000 residents. This size of population ensures that you will have all the amenities you desire, while still avoiding the hustle and bustle of nearby Toronto.

Owning versus renting is a common debate among those looking to enter various stages of their lives. Home ownership is important regardless of what stage you are in your life, as it is the best method to securely and consistently build your wealth and net worth. Since real estate rarely falls in value, you will continue to increase your net worth after your first mortgage payment. You can use this net worth later in life to increase your access to cash with a line of credit, supplement your retirement with a reverse mortgage, and much more. Renting an apartment or condo will only pay off another investor’s mortgage, increasing their net worth while decreasing yours.

This process can seem intimidating and complex, but with the right guidance and financial advice, you can get into a favorable position with your mortgage and finances. It is important to find an advisor who will provide the right financial services and make the same decisions that they would make if it was their own finances.

Making a Difference to The Communities We Work and Live

RCAC LOGO - Best Mortgage Rates Wasaga Beach - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyAs a family man, Gerard Buckley-Collingwood’s top mortgage broker sees tremendous value in supporting the local community where he lives and works. As a result, Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood Office and The Buckley MacDonald Youth Fund has committed to donating 10% of all sales back into the community. Gerard uses these funds to support Theatre Collingwood’s Youth Drama Camps, The Blue Mountain Village Foundation, as well as The Army Cadet League of Canada. For these contributions to his community, Gerard has been awarded The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

Financial Market Expertise

When looking for a mortgage broker in Collingwood, you should look for someone who knows the area well, or even a current resident. You want an experienced professional like Gerard Buckley who has experience investing in real estate and knows the ins and outs of the purchasing process. You want someone who has helped finance large corporations and understands interest rates. When you choose Gerard Buckley as your mortgage broker, you are working with someone who possesses all of these qualities. You can feel confident that Gerard will help you make the best mortgage decision, as he will treat the decision like his own.

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You can be assured that Gerard Buckley will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.
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