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From beautiful beaches to picturesque walking trails, Southampton is a wonderful place to acquire property in. Without a doubt, when making a home purchase, your mortgage brokerage is always a topic of concern. Fortunately Mortgage Wellness and gerard Buckley get rid of this worry for you.


Experience – Trust – Integrity

Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyGerard Buckley, working at Mortgage Wellness is Southampton’s top mortgage broker. With over 40 years of experience in the finance and banking industry, Gerard will provide you with the reliable and necessary financial advice to help you and your family find the best mortgage rate. As a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist with both a strong background in Financial Planning and Debt Counselling, Gerard is qualified with the necessary experience and knowledge to reassure your family that they are making the right decision with their mortgage broker.

A Little bit of Paradise in Southampton

Known for their beautiful sandy beaches, Southampton attracts many people to their waterside. On the shores of Lake Huron in Bruce County, it provides people with a small beach resort feeling. In addition to over 4km of a beautiful beach, Southampton is known for large golfing areas, sand dunes and wonderful parks. For a more cultural aspect, this town is full of Museums and cultural centres to spend time when the weather isn’t as sunny.


Real Estate Industry Expertise

Real Estate - Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyWith an abundance of articles focusing on real estate investments and reports it can be difficult to find the reliable and accurate information needed to make a sound purchase decision. Gerard Buckley-Southampton’s top mortgage broker, seeks to help you navigate this process by ensuring that your family has trustworthy and reliable information. For example, many prospective buyers would be surprised to know that the average home in Collingwood sold last year for $440,176. Although real estate prices are on the rise, there is still ample opportunity to purchase a home in Collingwood. However, due to the attraction of the area, sales are increasing while the number of listings continues to decrease. As a result, any listing will only last approximately 41 days before it is purchased. People considering purchasing real estate in Southampton should be ready to move quickly as there are many real estate opportunities before us. With that said, every prospective buyer should conduct the proper due diligence with regards to finding the most appropriate mortgage.

Southampton has experienced a slower growth in house sales. The average house price in Southampton is $505,871. This area offers many housing options from homes to apartments and commercial properties. This makes it an amazing time to purchase property in this area.


Southampton a Top Place to Live in Canada

Town of Thornbury - Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelySouthampton is a thriving community known for breathtaking sunsets, clear beaches, cultural history and beautiful views. Known for having many museums and activities, specifically educating people on First Nations this town has a large historical value. Throughout the year the population is around 4 thousand people but this number increases over the summer when people come to visit the beaches. From 2006 to 2011 it had an 8% population increase, due to the beautiful attributes that attract people to this small quiet town.
When choosing where to live in a resort-like town, individuals debate whether they will rent or buy their property. In every stage of one’s life, owning a home can be very beneficial. It has numerous advantages but the strongest pull factor is that it builds your own wealth and net worth. It provides stability and equity while your house grows in price. A strong net worth is important later on in life, making it easier to access cash whenever you need it. Another common benefit of home equity is when you plan to retire and want to reverse mortgage your home to supplement a retirement income. When renting, you are helping build the wealth and equity of someone else instead of working towards your own financial goals.
Purchasing a home and finding a mortgage broker may seem like a tedious and daunting process but with the right mortgage professional in your corner, you can avoid any issues and obtain your ideal home. In order to make cautious and calculated decisions, this is why you need a knowledgeable and reliable professional. Gerard is qualified to help you and your family obtain their financial goals and dream home.


Making a Difference to The Communities We Work and Live

RCAC LOGO - Best Mortgage Rates Wasaga Beach - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyNot only is he devoted to his job and clients, Gerard Buckley is also a family man. As such, he truly values being able to support the community in which he lives and works. Through Mortgage Wellness and The Buckley MacDonald Youth Fund, Gerard donates 10% of all sales back into his local community. These funds have gone on to support a variety of organizations, such as Theatre Collingwood’s Youth Drama Camps, The Blue Mountain Village Foundation, as well as The Army Cadet League of Canada. Due to his contributions to youth in the community, Gerard Buckley has been awarded The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.


Financial Market Expertise

When purchasing a home in Southampton, you need to make sure you are picking the perfect mortgage brokerage too. You want a mortgage broker who is experienced and devoted to his clients. You want someone who has experience making multi-million-dollar investment decisions for Fortune 500 companies and understands interest rates. This is why Gerard is the perfect fit for you and your family, he is aware of all the regulations and rules concerning your mortgage in your dream home. Choosing Gerard reassures you that you are making a safe decision with an experienced and qualified broker.


Gerard Buckley – Licensed Mortgage Agent and Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist with over 40 years of banking and finance experience @jaguarmortgages and www.jaguarmortgages.ca would be pleased to assist you consider your Real Estate Financing alternatives.

You can be assured that Gerard will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.

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