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Located along Georgian Bay’s shoreline, Thornbury is your small-town escape from the bustle and stress of the city. But first, you will need to find a mortgage broker in Thornbury who will help you secure a suitable mortgage so you can afford this escape. Lucky for you, your search ends here.


Experience – Trust – Integrity

Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyGerard Buckley-Thornbury’s top mortgage broker, at Mortgage Wellness will provide you with sound financial advice and the best mortgage for your family and financial position. Equipped with 40 years of experience in banking and finance, Gerard Buckley will help you achieve your dream home – all you have to do is call the movers. As a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist with both a strong background in Financial Planning and Debt Counselling, Gerard has the unique experience to help you and your family achieve your Financial dreams.


A Little bit of Paradise on Georgian Bay

Known for fine dining, great shopping, and beautiful art galleries, Thornbury is the quaint, friendly town you have been looking for. Along the water, Thornbury has a beach and pier that make for a relaxing venue to watch the sunset. Away from the more buzzing areas along shore, Thornbury offers the same beach resort feeling, accompanied with the peace and quiet of a small town. Outside of prime beach months, Thornbury also plays host to many activities and festivals. Main attractions to the town include the Apple Harvest Festival and Thornbury’s very own Thornbury Cidery, which is ranked the top cider beer in Ontario.

If you are looking for something more unique in your place of residence, look no further. Thornbury has 300 little fish rocks created by local artists and scattered around the town, creating a fun and lasting scavenger hunt.


Real Estate Industry Expertise

Real Estate - Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyReliable and clear information on local real estate can be very difficult to find. News sources are crowded with hype and assumptions about real estate growth, which typically will not help you make a sound purchasing decision. You need someone who will be a reliable and knowledgeable resource when it comes to your mortgage. Gerard Buckley is that resource, providing you with sound and insightful guidance as he guides you through the maze of securing a mortgage. As prices continue to increase in this region, it can be easy to over-leverage yourself with your mortgage. It is important you take every aspect of your finances into consideration when applying for a mortgage, or else you can end up with serious financial woes. Having a mortgage broker like Gerard in your corner will prevent any of these issues from arising.

Thornbury has exhibited steady growth in home prices, remaining lower than growth rates in the Toronto and Ontario markets. Growth in home prices in Toronto and Ontario were 30% and 25% respectively, while Thornbury had a consistent growth of 8%. With that said, the quantity of homes sold in Thornbury grew by 36% from 2016. Thornbury is experiencing high sales volumes, while prices are not being inflated by the hot and nearby Toronto market. This makes it a perfect time to acquire real estate in the area, while prices are reasonable and plenty of homes are available.


Thornbury a Top Place to Live in Canada

Town of Thornbury - Mortgage Broker Thornbury - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyThornbury is a growing community, while still providing its residents with the bliss of the quiet waterfront. As surrounding towns continue to grow, Thornbury real estate prices could increase significantly in coming years. This makes Thornbury an excellent place to invest in for both the short- and long-term. Population in the growth from 2011-2016 was 5.2%, making the population around 2,400 residents. Thornbury is the ideal place to find sanctuary from all the noise of bigger tourist areas and city centers.

Renting or buying is a typical decision people must make when moving to a new community. In most cases, the better decision is to own your home as it helps build wealth and net worth, while appreciating at a healthy rate. Building wealth and equity in your home creates significant financial freedom down the road. From receiving a home equity line of credit for one-off purchases, to supplementing your retirement with a reverse mortgage, your home will be crucial to your financial comfort. In any scenario, you will have more access to capital and be able to afford unexpected purchases, which will alleviate significant amounts of stress in difficult financial situations. From your first mortgage payment, you will start building equity in your home. If you rent, you will be paying for a different investor’s mortgage, effectively building their wealth at the expense of yours.

The mortgage process can be an intimidating one. However, with the right mortgage professional in your corner, you will have nothing to worry about. You can be confident in knowing that Gerard Buckley will treat your mortgage like his own and ensure your finances are taken care of.


Making a Difference to The Communities We Work and Live

RCAC LOGO - Best Mortgage Rates Wasaga Beach - Jaguar Mortgages, Gerard BuckelyGerard Buckley is a family man and as such, he values supporting the community in which he works and lives. The apple orchards, farmer’s markets, wineries and boutiques of Thornbury are regual weekend stops as Gerard and Mary travel the Georgian Bay countryside. Through Mortgage Wellness – Collingwood Office and The Buckley MacDonald Youth Fund, Gerard donates 10% of all sales back into his local community. Funds from these organizations support many different organizations including Theatre Collingwood’s Youth Drama Camps, The Blue Mountain Village Foundation, as well as The Army Cadet League of Canada. Gerard Buckley has been awarded The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his contributions to his community.


Financial Market Expertise

Finding a mortgage broker in Thornbury can be difficult enough, but finding one who can truly add value to your mortgage process is almost impossible. Fortunately, Gerard has the banking and finance experience to do just that. Gerard has experience making investment decisions for various Fortune 500 companies and analyzing interest rates. This professional experience, paired with his personal experience investing in real estate for over 15 years, makes Gerard the top mortgage broker available in Thornbury. Best of all, he resides in the Georgian Bay area and understands its real estate landscape. Having Gerard Buckley in your corner will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Gerard Buckley – Licensed Mortgage Agent and Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist with over 40 years of banking and finance experience @jaguarmortgages and www.jaguarmortgages.ca would be pleased to assist you consider your Real Estate Financing alternatives.

You can be assured that Gerard will treat your Mortgage and Real Estate Decision like it is his own.

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