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Creating a partnership that adds value is distinctive in ensuring that a Mortgage Broker can make a difference to an agent’s ability to sell properties quickly and competently. Time has always equaled money for Real Estate Agents. A drawn-out deal riddled with complications is a costly blow. How can you avoid that scenario and provide the optimal client experience? Now, more than ever, seeking out someone you trust to guide your clients through the mortgage financing process is paramount.

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1) Client Education

A skilled mortgage broker has the ability to teach the buyer -- whether it’s their first home purchase or their tenth property investment. When you pair with the right broker, you no longer have to spend hours researching the answers to questions that may not even be in your field of expertise. Your broker simply, easily and confidently educates the client about the entire financial process.

2) Prompt Application Process

The number 1 complaint when it comes to mortgage applications? They take too long! While some delays are unavoidable, many are removed when an experienced mortgage broker is taking the lead. Lower client stress and waive conditional offers on financing with a mortgage broker at your side. While mainstream banks have little control over adjudication, mortgage brokers work with multiple institutions to find the quickest answer to your needs.

3) Flexible Availability

The phrase “Answer the dam phone” is synonymous with a well-articulated service standard such as how long it takes to return phone calls or emails. The expectations of Real Estate Agents who work around the clock, seven days a week it is imperative to find a broker who doesn’t leave you unanswered for days on end. An organized mortgage broker understands the type of pressure that agents are working under and responds to questions quickly, keeping both the agent and the client well informed on the application status.

4) Mortgage Market Updates

Keeping track of new listings, showings, open houses and initiated deals takes up most of a realtor’s day. It saves a whole lot of time when a savvy mortgage broker sends regular mortgage market updates. The best updates are clear, straight to the point and filled with only the most important info. Agents benefit when paired with a broker that takes some of the reading off of their plate, alerting them to changes that cause the greatest impact to clients.

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    5) Creative Finance Solutions

    Especially in a climate as we see today with interest rates trending low, what makes a mortgage broker more valuable than a traditional bank? A good mortgage broker has worked with all different clientele -- with varying income types, debt situations and investment goals. Partnering with one of these brokers gives you access to less restrictive financial solutions for buyers, some of which are outside the traditional box found at mainstream banking institutions.

    6) Vast Resources

    A great mortgage broker is like working with all of the nation’s best institutions at once. Why is that? For example, Gerard Buckley of Mortgage Wellness has access to more than 85 lenders! When you consult with him, you’re getting the best-suited options for your specific client in all of Ontario. The result? You save more time and have a happier client. Self employed clients? Credit bruised clients? We have a lender for most every client need.

    7) Client Confidence

    What do real estate agents want to avoid? Losing a buyer’s confidence during the application and funding process. Purchasing a property is stressful and until all loose ends have been tied, your client may be feeling uneasy. Choosing a knowledgeable mortgage broker with a positive attitude leaves your clients assured that they are in the best possible hands. Complete the deal the best way possible and opt for a confident broker.

    8) Clear Communication

    As a real estate agent, setting clear expectations with your clients gets positive results. When you work with the right mortgage broker, the relationship should be the same. A quality broker will be straightforward from day one, letting you know exactly how the deal is going and what needs to happen for it to be complete. Explanations are to-the-point, allowing both the agent and the client to understand the process.

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    9) Years of Experience

    When choosing a mortgage broker to partner with, a successful career is a great way to gauge your choice. Does the broker have years of financial experience behind them? Do they bring a passion for what they do? Gerard Buckley is proud to bring a lifetime of financial knowledge to the table, proving to be an intangible asset to his partners.

    10) Trusted Decisions

    A great mortgage broker isn’t afraid of a challenge. Having a can-do attitude is what’s behind some of the greatest real estate deals. That being said, when you’re partnered with a trusted mortgage broker, their advice regarding deal feasibility is helpful. As a real estate agent, you’ll be able to pinpoint deals that have red flags early on and work with your clients to find alternate arrangements.

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